All about me

Hello my name is Almendra de los heros.  Here is where you are going to learn about me.

I am twelve years old and i study at an American school.My school is called sccs cooperative school.I live in Santa Cruz de la sierra.

So cute

My favorite pets are dogs.I love puppies so much because they are cute.Puppies are troublesome but also calm.Did you know that pupies are the best company a child could have?Last they are really playful and cuddly

Yumm. Pizza is my favorite food. I like it because it is cheesy and  yummy.Pizza   is so yummy you want to die.Especially Eliz pizza.

My favorite sport is tennis.I like this sport because it is really good for you .I hope that someday i will go to a championship.Lets just hope i will.

Love4 cupcakes.I love to bake cupcakes with my friends.Why? because it is  fun.Besides cooking is one of my favorite activities.Well because i love too cook in my moms resturant.

So cute you will want to cry.In this video little animals babysit the babies.If you like cute things this is the right video for you.Wach it and tell me what you think.JUst do it.

This song is really good.Rizo is so funy because she changes of mood really quickly.Click here to here.She is the most cold hearted persone i evere saw.I love it.

In my family i am the only child from my mother's side.But from my father's let say i am not.In fact  i am the fourth.How well lets say it just happened.In my family my brothers are already working.I am the smallest kid in the family. One of the things i like to  do with my family is go out to dinner.

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