On My Way Home Chicago

Cold Chicago air
Horns honk
People shout
Yet the world is peaceful

Finally the black door opens
My ticket scans
The VIP pass hangs from my neck

Standing in a single file line
All full of nerves
With excited murmuring all around
Coming from people like me

Smelling the freshly popped popcorn
Hearing them softly in the distance
Singing I Need Your Love
Just on the other side of a door

Suddenly my heart jumps to my throat
Squeaks out of my mouth

His head turns
Just enough to look at me
Singing I Need Your Love
The whole way through

With a sly smile
He winks at me
His sparkling ear piece
and black microphone
pressed up to his smooth, pink lips

My heart is gone
Placed in his hand,
His delicate, soft hand

My love
My Queen
My hero
My world

All I can hear is my heartbeat

Down a flight of velvety stairs
Into a narrow hallway
waiting in line
for what,
is unknown to us

We move into the next room
I see the sign
I see the table
I see the guards

I see them beneath the lights
So perfect
Sitting right there
Not even looking real
Just Flawless

A deep hello
A soft face
A kind compliment
A sweet voice
A beaming smile

All down the table

Sitting on velvety, red floors and stairs
Among people just like me
The emotion unexplainable

Happiness all around

The ushers take us to seats
My bag thumping on my leg
The lights go down

And the show begins

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