Test 1 Messages 3

I. Complete the conversation

No, I'm not.
I'm homesick.
I come from Mexico.
No, I don't. I live in Veracruz.
I'm studying English here. I'm staying with a family here.
I like it, but sometimes I feel homesick.
No, I haven't.
Pleased to meet you Ana.

16 points

II. Use Present Simple or Present Continuous

Where's John? He 1.____(listen) to a new CD in his room.
Don't forget to take your umbrella with you to London. You know it always 2.____(rain) in England.
Jean 3.____(work) hard all day but she 4.____(not work) at the moment.
Look! That boy 5.____(run) after the bus. He 6.____(want) to catch it.
He 7.____(speak) German so well because he 8.____(come) from Germany.
Shh! The boss 9.____(come). We 10.____  (meet) him in an hour and nothing is ready!
You usually 11.____  (go) away for Christmas or you  12.____(stay) at home?
She 13.____(hold) some roses. They 14.____(smell) lovely.
Oh no! Look! It 15.____(snow) again. It always 16.____(snow) in this country.
Mary 17.____(swim) very well, but she 18.____(not run) very fast.
you 19.____(enjoy) this party? Yes, I 20._____(have) a great time!
Sorry I can't help you. I 21.____(not know) where she keeps her files.
What you 22.____(do) next Saturday? Nothing special. I 23._____(stay) at home.
I 24.____(think) your new hat 25.____(look) nice on you.
I 26.____(live) with my parents but right now I 27.____(stay) with some friends for a few days.
I can't talk on the phone now. I 28.____(drive) home.
Where are the children? They 29.____(lie) on the beach over there.
You never 30._____(listen) to a word I say!

30 points

III. What is the Past Simple form of the verbs

1. bite
2. catch
3. drive
4. eat
5. fight
6. go
7. hang
8. know
9. leave
10. pay
11. shake
12. stand
13. teach
14. write

14 points

IV. Use Past Simple

1) I ____(work) in a bank for ten years..
2) Where ____(you/live) when you were young?.
3) She ____(not/study) French at university..
4) He ____(travel) through the middle east last year..
5) ____(they/visit) the Louvre in Paris?.
6) She ____(not/watch) TV yesterday..
7) We ____(buy) a new car last weekend..
8) Where ____(you/teach) before you came here?.
9) He ____(not/think) that he was right..
10) I ____(cook) steak last night

10 points