Agents of Socialization

Kyle Aaron

My family at my uncle's 50th birthday.

My family has socialized me throughout my whole life. Being raised in a single-parent home my mother was the main influence in my life. My mom taught me manners through various kids shows ,but I was mainly taught by the show barney. Barney taught various acts of kindness and showed me how to treat others with respect.

School really taught me about responsibility and hard work. School also gave me the chance of meeting new people and making good friends. School helped me find out who I really was and when I got more involved in school I found more interest that really suits me.

My friends and I are always finding a way to have fun with each other.

My family on the football team are also my peers who we have shared a bond together.

Me and my friends going to the movie theater.

My friends have always been a support system for me.Caring for me when I need it most, and they also have made me the way I am today.  They have taught me things not like my mother did but none the less they opened my eyes to different opportunities as well.

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