Sky Color

Before Reading: Predict what you think this story is about knowing what you know about Peter Reynolds Books. Draw a picture of the sky. Color it.

During Reading: What is the problem in the story? What do you think the solution will be?

After Reading: Now draw a picture of the sky. What do you think the theme of this story would be? Add any other comments, connections, or questions you may have.

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3 years ago

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3 years ago

We Predict...

Morgan: The girl is going to look at the sky and draw a picture.
Marie: The book is going to talk about different type of colors.
Abraham: The girl will paint the sky blue and the clouds white. She might see some animals or people in the cloud shape.
Charles: I think the girl that is an artist. It has something to do with all Peter Reynolds books. Every character is doing art or has talent with art.

3 years ago

Derrick and Kaden: The problem in the story is Marisol doesn't have blue paint. She is trying to paint the sky.

We think the solution will be..

Kaden: She will ask someone for their blue paint.
Derrick: I think someone will help her paint the sky.
Abraham: I think the girl will find a different color to make blue. They will mix the colors to make blue.
Charles: I think she might buy a new pack of paint by asking her parents.
Morgan: I think she can make blue paint by mixing colors.
Marie: She can use a crayon or something besides paint.
Hannah: She will ask the art teacher for paint.
Aryanna: She is going to ask the art teacher for paint.

3 years ago

Our Solution:

Charles: In the story, the girl did not have blue paint so she mixed colors to make a sunset. She used her imagination.