Forest Facts
- At least 3,ooo fruits are found in the rainforest
- the Amazom gets about 9 feet of rain a year
- Rainforests are found on every continent on earth except Antarctica

              Biotic factors
- Toucan
- Jaguar
- Snake
- Poison frog
- scorpion
- orchid
- Cocoa Beans

            Abiotic Factors
- Amount of rain
- Humid temp.
- rocks in the stream
- amount of air

           Carrying Capacity
a maximum number of organisms in a particular species that can be supported in a given environment.

             Limiting Factors
an environmental factor that tends to limit population size.
Preditor/Prey relationship_ jaguar/monkey

              Energy Roles
A role in which one organism gives energy to another.
Grass- producer(energy from sun)
Primary consumer- grasshopper(energy from grass)
Secondary consumer- frog(energy from grasshopper)
Tertiary consumer- jaguar(energy from frog)
Decomposer- Fungui(energy from dead jaguar, gives energy back to soil for plants t grow)

                Food webs
show more possibilities and a larger variety of organisms and what they eat rather than a food chain.
If we removed a population from the ecosystem, the organism levels going up would over populate and die out because they dont have enough, or even any food.

              Energy Pyramid

6Co2     +    6H20  ---->   C6h12O6 + 6O2
carbon dioxide water sunlight glucose  oxygen

Tropism- a bending movement of an organism in response to an external stimuli.
example in rainforest- thigmotropism(a vine)
and phototropism(to live and make food)

Without decomposers in the rainforest, or anywhere, there would be a bunch of dead organisms on the ground and nutrients would NOT go back to the soil for plants, so the rainforest would not survive without decomposers.

the action or process of adapting to an   environment to survive and reproduce.

if you took an animal out of this environment, lets say a monkey, and put it in the arctic, it would NOT survive because of its adaptations to the rainforest. Such as thin fur, and trees to climb, needs water and little insects, but in the arctic its cold and the monkeys would die off and they would become extinct and even go into selective breeding.

             Natural Selection
The process whereby organisms better adapt to their environment to survive and produce more offspring.

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