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Electron shell

Radium is a chemical element.The symbol is Ra and atomic number 88. Radium is an almost pure-white alkaline earth metal.

Important Radium  

Atomic Number: 88

Atomic Weight: 226

Melting Point: 973 K

Boiling Point: 1413 K


Interesting Facts about Radium

  • Radium is a bright silver radioactive metal, when radium is exposed to air, it can react with the nitrogen to quickly form a black coating of radium
  • Radium is an extremely rare element on Earth. It is found in uranium ores.


Radium is Latin for radius, or ray. This element was discovered in 1898 by Marie in North Bohemia. She earned two Nobel pries for her works towards understanding radium

Radium on the earth

Where is radium found?

Radium was found in France.

What does it look like?

Radium, when in its pure metal form, is a brilliant white while fresh. However, it blackens when exposed to air.

Radium Vs Human

As you might expect, the radioactive properties of radium make it dangerous for humans.  meaning that inhalation of, injection of, or bodily exposure to radium can cause cancer and other disorders.


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