Percent of Change - The Price of Lipstick
How has the average price of lipstick changed from 1950 to 2014?

The price of lipstick has changed dramatically over the past 64 years. Here's more information about how the price has changed.

This data shows us that the price has gone up by $13.75, but what percent is this? Here's how to find out.

This data proves that the price of lipstick has gone up by 5500% in the last 64 years. That's a lot! But, I wasn't surprised at this change. Lipstick is becoming more and more popular for women and companies have found that they can charge a higher price and people will still buy it.

What if we wanted to know how to predict the price of lipstick 64 years in the future? Lets find out how.

According to the information from the results above, I predict that in the year 2078 (64 years from now) lipstick will cost $784. That is, if they still use lipstick!


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