Janna Holder

The satirical of this video black widow trailer is this super hero girl finds lover. It is hyperbole because they are superheros and her boyfriend is a human, with a robot head. Innuendo because her boyfriends throws a bus at the city and the news lady says "I'd hate to be that guys girlfriend", and incongruity because of their unrealistic superpowers.

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2 years ago

The satirical of this video magic bridge, is this couple is trying to cross a bridge but they are stopped by a troll and his friend. The troll's friend is always screaming and using exaggeration, exaggerating the situation about them kissing the troll. The couple, one of them says they are engaged, and the other one claims to not have been asked to marry, so that is double meaning. This is reversal because instead of the people answering a riddle to the troll, they have to kiss him.