Cara Gibson

     Television has impacted the American culture in many ways throughout the 50's and 60's. Television has impacted the world socially, economically, politically, and diplomatically. Everything can be found on television in today's world including commercials, political speeches, nature documentaries, etc. All of these things impacted the world in their own special way. Television has shaped us into what we are today and has created a new world as we know it.

     When it comes to society, television has altered it in many ways. It has altered the way we dress, the way we talk, and even the way we view the world today. At the time, society was seen as one big circle, each day was just like the next. A common example of what society believed was needed was the “housewife”. A housewife is had to be pretty at all times, had to do all of the house work, and had to wait on their husbands everyday. At the time, nobody believed that this was a wrong thing to do. Television helped with this stereotype by putting housewives only in commercials where they either take care of their husband or try to convince people to buy kitchen supplies. When people were showed this, they believed that this was the appropriate thing to do at the time. Another example of how television impacted society was with the Little Rock Nine. When people viewed the scene of the children going into the school, everyone was either enraged or happy. This helped show people that change was good and it actually helped end segregation.     

     Economics were affected by television back in the 50’s/60’s in many ways as well. When televisions were created, everyone wanted one. Soon enough, people were buying them left and right to see what new entertainment they could find. These sales helped with the economy because of the big amount of profit that the stores produced by selling televisions. Another reason why television helped the economy is because of its commercials. New commercials were all about new products that were coming out into the world. Want to see a commercial of this time? Click here to see what I’m talking about! When people saw these commercials, they would go out and buy them- probably just to have more stuff than their neighbor! This increase in sales was very good for the world and community.

    Politics were mainly influenced by the use of televisions in the region. A huge example of this was when the Kennedy vs. Nixon case came out. Kennedy basically won the votes of many because of how he looked on television. With the use of makeup, he looked way younger and calmer than Nixon did. Nixon looked sickly and was sweating really badly! People who saw this on television thought that Nixon wasn’t up to the job and ultimately that he was not ready for presidency.

    Diplomatically, television helped impact how we viewed the rest of the world. An example of this is within Kennedy’s Berlin Crisis speech. Within this speech, he altered the way we looked at the military, the government, and Berlin all at once. Since many people were probably watching this on television, we all decided to do something about it. He talked towards all of his citizens during his speech including the phrase: “These actions will require sacrifice on the part of many of our citizens. More will be required in the future. They will require, from all of us, courage and perseverance in the years to come. But if we and our allies act out of I strength and unity of purpose - with calm determination and steady nerves - using restraint in our words as well as our weapons - I am hopeful that both peace and freedom will be sustained.” When the people viewed this, they decided to step up- this helped cause change towards our world in many ways.

    All in all, television has made a huge impact on how we view the world. Television has impacted the world socially, economically, politically, and diplomatically. Not only has television become a bigger hit, it also has become one of America’s favorite source for news and cheap entertainment. Television has been in my life forever, it has also altered the way that I view the world as well. I know that it has impacted my life, has it impacted yours?

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