learning to make the project

to start, we need popsicle sticks (we use 8), a flexible tube, a piece of cardboard, two syringes, a needle (to stick the toothpicks), small pin by the middle of the sticks and hot glue.

First we have to stick all the sticks in the middle and ends all the holes in the same place for not getting a higher side than the other when you press the sticks. Then we took the small pin tip acute and place two sticks in the shape of an X with the through hole a pin put together and amid toothpick and repeated to the other sticks. After fill one of the syringes with water and connect a tube in it and the other syringe on the other side of the tube. Then put a toothpick in each end using hot glue when dry place the sticks in cardboard, and syringes also, lastly place a cardboard over the sticks. Then and only press a syringe, it will cause the lift to project.

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