CSI Density

I may have a copy at school, I'm home right now. It is really pretty simple though, the first page is a scenario explaining that there has been a murder (I call the victim Josh Fisher). There are four suspects I gave them names too. A bullet has been recovered from each suspects home. The coroner has recovered a bullet from the body with a density of ____ I fill in the blank with one of the four possibilities (I'll explain later) Their job as the forensic scientist is to use the equipment in the lab (graduated cylinders, scales, calculators and "bullet" samples labeled A,B,C and D) The students work in pairs (each student is looking for a different density "bullet". So they need to find the density of all four "bullets" but only one will match the density I have written on the front of their paper. The back of the paper is their lab report. I stress that the report is an official document that will be used in court and as such it needs to be neat, accurate, correct spelling, few cross outs, etc. This is written as several paragraphs. The introductory paragraph (what are you going to do), body paragraphs (using data explain what you did and how you did it) the last paragraph identifies the killer by name and summarizes how you know (the density of the murder weapon matches the bullet samples found in the suspects home.

I'll forward this e-mail to my desk and send you the lab. But the above explanation will help you recreate the lab. Your earth science teacher may already have the "bullets" (standard metal samples with the same volume but with different masses.) for density determination. I stress to the students that these are NOT real bullets and I do not want calls from home asking me why I have their children using bullets in class. The kids are pretty cool about this and really work to use their measuring skills to determine the "killers" name.