Haitian Revolution

By: Celeste Johnson, Andrea Weng, Eli Martinez, Tiviss Graybell


The Hatian Revolution was a political conflict on the Island of Hispanola (Haiti/ Dominican Republic). One of the most successful anti-slavery rebellions in world history.

Causes & Effects


  • the slaves had a desire to be treated with respect and wanted freedom.
  • Revolutionary turmoil that was occurring in France
  • Extremely prosperous economic value due to slaves
  • Rich planters wanting to remain in power while the poor whites supported the ones who opposed them
  • Declaration of Rights of Man: Société des Amis des Noir (Society of Friends of Blacks) being denied caused a portion colored people to decide to start armed rebellion
  • Vincent Ogé's (a mulatto that was an active member on the free colored side) execution caused a scandal in France that caused the National Assembly to legislate equal equality for free colored born free of parents. This in returned, caused backlash from whites who wanted to maintain slavery since it was the base for their economical power. This also caused the slaves to claim that they were now free.


  • a successful slave revolt and their freedom
  • caused a series of independence movements throughout Latin America.
  • It lead the Dominican Republic to DEEPLY mistrust anything and everything regarding Haiti,Haitian people, and many Black people in general.
  • It returned to a state of quasi-serfdom

Influences of enlightenment ideas

The revolution was able to happen because of ideas that came from the enlightenment.  Ideals like liberalism, individuality, equality, legal rights are some of many ideals that gave the Haitians their strength and something to fight for. It was that determination that allowed the Haitian revolution to be the first successful slave revolt.


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