How to Properly Nourish Children

It was over ten years ago that many educators in New York decided that enough was enough, and began to throw much of his effort into a program centered on making sure each child in the area would not go without a decent meal during lunchtime. Instructors and teachers have always been people of compassion, someone who seeks to genuinely understand what people with less means are going through, and who is willing and able to take the steps needed to provide help where help is due. One problem with schools is that they don't always have the money to provide a proper diet. Educators look to change all that, at least for the impoverished children of the Rochester community.

A teacher of 7th and 8th grade history at a local public school, a particular teacher has all too often been forced to witness students go without any sort of substantial sustenance during lunch, in large part due to a family’s inability or lack of means to afford a good lunchtime meal for their children. He continues to donate his time and effort in support of such a noble cause. He decided to take action against student hunger, something that all too often afflicts children in desperate need of both support and a quality education.

Daniel Behan is proud to be affiliated with a group that works in every child’s best interests, and that aims towards filling hungry bellies and to ensure equal educational opportunity for all. All too often will a child have to go to school hungry, which can affect their ability to learn, to interact with others and to be an active participant in their own education.

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