Cicero's Neighborhood!

Created by: Brianna Passmore

        How It First Began: Cicero's neighborhood history. Cicero is actually a suburb, it's the nearest to downtown. A town in New York State, has a town named Cicero. It's the only town of government in Cook County, that has a government by a board of trustees. Ogden Avenue, was a former Indian trail. They were one of the early settlers. They settled on the highest and driest part of Cicero. It is now called Oak Park. Some other families from the past settled Ogden Avenue, Lake Street, and Cermak road now 22nd street.                                                                                                                                                                                                            Rail Road:                                     The new location on many rail lines inspired the  Chicago and North Western railway, and the Alton railroad companies, to build manufacturing and repair shops at the railroad station for the trains and other things.  There are a lot of racial comments that happened in Cicero, one is the Ghetto white boy. Especially during the 1950s and the 1920s when African Americans were moving into the community. Now, at the end of the 20th century there were no African Americans living there. There were Hispanic or Asia people that contributed to their ethnological mix of great cultures.                                                                                      

An Tribe That Used To Live In Cicero: A  tribe that used to live in Cicero is Nova Roma. Nova Roma is a tribe that did not have a lot of ancestors. This tribe is an big part of citizenship. Ever since voting was carried by a tribe. To their tradition there were originally three tribes. They were created by king Romulus. People reorganized the tribe because, of king Servius Tullius and they were greatly increased in number.              

    Things To Do: Some of the things you can do in Cicero is go to Domino's pizza. Some fun things to do is go to Big Don's Wild River Mini Golf, there you can play mini golf and have fun with your family. There is also The Fun Junction, there you can play laser tag, games, and be entertained. It's A great place for birthday parties. Some stores that are in Cicero in are Paul De Lima Roasting plant and factory store, Menard's , A Sprint store to buy phones, Conway, and Dots Fashion, where you can find lots of pretty clothes.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Fun Fact: Did you know that in 2000 there were 85,616 people. 48.3% of the people were white alone, 1.1% of the people were Black or African American, 0.9% of the people were American Indian and Alaska Native alone, 1.0% of the people were Asian alone, 0.0% of the people were Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander alone, 44.7% of the people were some other race, 4.0% of the people were two or more races, and finally 77.4% of the people were Hispanic or Latino, the most people that lived in Cicero in 2000.