the simpsons #1


in the simpsons homer says that the universe is a donut shape and some astologest belive that it is true.

futurama#2 pt 1


The futurama series takes 1 year to make 1 episode so in order to make a sesson they make all the episodes the same day in order to finish and at the end of each series they try to make it the ending of futurama but they make other sessons insted.

futurama pt 2 #2


bender is the second most famous futurama he also aperis in the simpsons many times and hidden in barts room in general and the comic book store and both the simpsons and futurama are made by the same creater.

marge simpson #3


Did you know that marge simpson has bunny ears under her hair nobdy knows how she has that, do you know?



minecraft is a pretty mysterious game this is how the creeper was made after the pig model gone wrong heirs a image i found.

five nights at freddys #5

the phone is fnafs new character and theres a fnaf 4 coming on 9/31/15. so im going to  leave a link to some youtubers.

watch the game therorey: complete series

Thank you and hope you like it bye

hey do you want to watch a gamer youtuber heres the link

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