Real & Relevant Writing:
21st Century Writing & Publishing

Campus Technology Liaisons
Summer 2015

Deann Thompson
Instructional Technology Specialist
ext. 77549

Session Description: "If your students are sharing their work with the world, they want it to be good. If they're just sharing it with you, they want it to be good enough." Participants in this session will learn how various technology tools are used for students to express their thoughts in writing (in both conventional and unconventional ways) and then publish that writing for an authentic audience ranging from peers to content-area experts. To further provide relevancy, students can gather feedback from readers to further revise and refine their writing in all content areas.

***Discussion Questions

You will need to create a Padlet at You can sign in with your AISD Google Log in. The questions that I had in my presentation were "Why is writing important? How does technology ignite the writing process?"

Writing & Publishing Tools

***Verso-Activate student voice, get authentic feedback and personalize learning
           Example for session:
           1)  Access
           2) Click Log in
           3) Click Students
           4) Click Sign Up
           5) Click Student
          6) Enter a PERSONAL email address
          7) Enter a password
           8) Enter {enter your class code here} for the class code  
          9) Enter first and last name
        10) Click the Start Now button


***Kidblog- walled-garden approach to student blogging with great teacher control

MeetingWords- Similar to "Etherpad," this site allows for collaborative real-time writing with text-only features, no accounts required. MeetingWords is intended for real-time collaboration between people. It's not meant for long-term document storage.

Padlet- a collaborative "bulletin board" or wall where participants can place "sticky notes," can be password protected

Poetica- an intuitive text editor that makes it easy for you to work with others on copy and content. Poetica is similar to Google Docs but uses proofreading marks.

Google Docs- the de facto standard in document collaboration

Alternate Forms of Writing

PicLits- a creative writing site that matches beautiful images with carefully selected keywords in order to inspire you. The object is to put the right words in the right place and the right order to capture the essence, story, and meaning of the picture.

Google Docs Story Builder- animated Google Docs simulation

Google Docs Story Builder Master Edition- a famous writer will start the story off and your students can finish it

Trading Card Creator- gives students an alternative way to demonstrate their knowledge and skill when writing about popular culture texts or real world examples

Cube Creator- Summarizing information is an important postreading and prewriting activity that helps students synthesize what they have learned.

Canva- a free design tool where students can design blog graphics, presentations, flyers, posters, invitations and so much more

InkleWriter- choose your own adventure writing

Storyboard That- create comic-book like storyboards

PlotBot- write screenplays without worrying about the format


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