Wireless AC+AP

installed in Shanghai railway station by UTT Technologies

UTT Wireless Solution has been successfully deployed in Shanghai Railway station, one of the largest railway stations in the most overpopulated country in the world, which greatly indicates the tremendous progress and achievement UTT has acquired in wireless network solution.

As one of the largest railway stations in China and in the world,Shanghai Railway Station has the largest passenger flow volume, 120 thousand passengers per day on average and the number even doubles during spring festival travelling.Shanghai is a very important transport hub of China’s Railway System. Trains that start from Shanghai go to all parts of the country, including the direct express trains to Hong Kong.

Shanghai Railway Station has already been covered with wired network. As a supplement to the wired network, the wireless network is built for providing an easier and more convenient Internet access for passengers and employees. According to the requirement of employees in Shanghai Railway Station, the passengers who are connected the wireless network are only allowed to visit the inner web server in Shanghai Railway Station searching for the schedules of trains, booking tickets and refunding tickets. Offices in Shanghai Railway Station need to be covered with wireless network for employee to do office work. The network administrators of Shanghai Railway Station come up with a couple of requirements as follows.

  • Control traffic flow for intranet users
  • Integrate wireless network with the existed wired network
  • High stability and excellent processing ability
  • Passenger only allowed to visit the intranet of Shanghai Railway Station
  • Provides load balancing function, guaranteeing all traffic are evenly distributed to every AP
  • Guarantee the stability of the entire network. ARP spoofing and virus attack may happen frequently in intranet because of passengers’ liquidity and low awareness of defending virus attack.

We deployed WX100, UTT’s WLAN controller, which can manage up to 64 APs to centrally manage the wireless network in Shanghai Railway Station. Equipped with UTT’s firewall system, WX100 features as ARP broadcast, IP MAC binding, PPPoE server to effectively defend against intranet attack, FLOOD attack and DDOS attack. We can also configure access control in firewall to stop attacks from the internal and external. We prepared a spare WX100 as a backup in case of any emergency use. If one WX100 was down accidentally, the backup WX100 would be up immediately to support the smooth operation of the wireless network. SG3124F, UTT’s gigabit managed switch, is used as a core layer switch. Equipped with link aggregation, rate limiting, QoS, VLAN, anti-broadcast storm, SG3124 could avoid common intranet problems such as network congestion, broadcast storm, ARP attack and etc. In access layer, S1088P was put in use. S1088P is a PoE switch supports 802.3af/at. Built in industrial lever power source, S1088P can stably power wireless devices. We adopt WA500N, wall mount AP and WA2000N, ceiling mount AP in wireless access layer. Each office is deployed with one WA500A and each waiting hall is deployed with lots of WA2000N.

After having deployed UTT’s wireless network, the wireless network in Shanghai Railway Station has been working properly and won good reputation from passengers and employees. The results are as follows:

  • Ubiquitous wireless network in waiting halls; Passengers can visit the station’s website for information anywhere they want, whenever they want.
  • AP in every office seamlessly connects with each other. Employees can walk through each office without logging out.
  • Management on different SSIDs; WLAN controller assigns different SSIDs to different wireless clients such as regular passengers, VIP passengers and employees. Different SSIDs has different services such as application control and rate limiting.
  • Centrally manage APs on AC; APs’ status can be easily viewed on AC. Once problems happened in intranet, the IT staff could discover and troubleshoot problems in time.

About UTT

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