The Average Body Lice Meeting
by: Charlotte Nolan


Body Lice master: 'd like to welcome everyone to this meeting this beautiful Tuesday morning.

Audience all together: Good Morning Body Lice Master

Body Lice Master: Id like to talk about some very important topics here today for our plan to rule all of France.

In order to do this, we need to be all in this diseases left out, because for all we know, you could be the key to our success. First, we will arrive on the trench, our absolutely stinky smell will have men flying overboard within minutes of catching a whiff of us.

When the men try to get me, and my fellow lice friends off of them, they will toss their clothes into a tub of hot water, we all know what that means....HOT TUB SWIMMIN'!

Thirdly, once the men catch our diseases, they will suffer through a series of pain in the shins, then get an unbearably high fever. They will never want to mess with us ever again for sure.

When the men take off their clothes when taking a bath or trying to clean us out of their clothes, we will all cling on for our lives because once its over, we will be able to sleep in the clothes and it'll be beyond comfortable...zzzz. We will never live our lives the same again, getting thrown around, treated like crap, that's over.

Finally, although not all of our diseases are powerful enough to kill, we now only stop approximately 15% of men to stop fighting, but we can raise that 15% up to 75%, then 75% to 100%, so they will slowly became an extremely unpowerful country and we will all get our dream, to live a better and well deserved life.

Who's in this?

Audience: Me!





                  Let's do this!!

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