dominant trait:

In genetics, a trait that will appear in the offspring if one of the parents contributes it.
Own words: a trait that you get from a parents gene.
Examples:  - dark eyes, brown hair, brown shade.

definition: Recessive traits can be carried in a person's genes without appearing in that person.
Own words: you only need one gene to make that trait.
Examples: - no hair on knuckles, thin lips, no dimples.

Recessive Traits:

definition:  the genetic constitution of an individual organism.
Own words: genes that constitution of one organism.
Examples: -freckles or not, lactose intolerant, hair on knuckle or not.

definition: A phenotype is a trait we can observe. Genes carry instructions, and the result of our body following those instructions.
Own words: genes that carry the instructions of the  body.
Examples:- eye color, the way you act, how you do things.

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