The Effects of Communism

The Effects of Communism; Mr. Clarke; 11/1/13

My name is Hollis Harris, and this is my NC Graduation Product Submission. The goal of my product is to provide an accurate method of gauging the effects of Communism on it's subject nations, and to contrast those effects against the backdrop of a Capitalist/Socialist nation, such as the US (among others). I've provided statistical comparisons, as well as comparisons of the major cities within the countries I've chosen. The countries I've compared are the U.S., USSR (former), UK, China, and Germany. The US and the USSR were chosen for being polar opposites, and the ultimate champions of their respective philosophies of Capitalism and Communism. China, the UK, and Germany were chosen for their relative middle ground stance, all leaning one way, but including sizable elements of the opposite philosophy within their operating model.

I've collected and compared the various statistics of these nations against each other, by charting 20 years of economic growth, measured in GDP. In addition, by charting per capita income (a measure of typical earnings per citizen), I've provided a way to show how efficient Communist and Capitalist economies are. More importantly, through doing this, I've provided a way to gauge how life in a Communist nation can compare to a Capitalist nation. Lastly, I've provided photo comparisons of 6 Capitalist/Socialist cities against 6 Communist cities, to help visualize and compare life under Communism.

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