Google Searching Tips

By: Tyson Peterson


Find Similar Sites

This is a cool tool to use when you want to find

How To Pronounce Big Numbers

Another function that you can use Google for is to learn how to say and pronounce big numbers. In the search bar, type your number, and then type =english.

Example: 123456789=english

Search A Range Of Numbers

Say of you wanted to search the web for things that have numbers between 1 and 5, or what wars happened before 1600, then this is a trick for you. Type this into the search bar for a range of numbers. Ex. 1...5, or what wars happened in year ...1600.

Find Links To Other Pages

If you wanted to find a webpage that linked to another one, then type link: into the searchable, and then the website you want to be linked to, and it will come of with websites with that link.


Spelling Doesn't Matter

Even if you spell things wrong, Google will come up with a new spelling suggestion that will fit your needs. If you purposely spelled something wrong, it will also give you the option to revert the change.

Ex. Couws arre asum

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