I was frozen for a millineum in japan!!!!!!!!!!

My name is AL Masayoshi

Let me fill you in on how I'm still alive thousands of years after I was born. I was trecking  mount Fuji when there was an Avalanche  and I was frozen under a million pounds of snow!!!!!!! Can you say ANNOYING!!!!!!! Thousands of years later some scientist found me and has brought me up to date with the rest of the world. And now I'm writing a blog to tell you all about japan when I was alive. And compare to modern day.

Ancient Japanese fashion.

When I lived I ancient japan only rich people wore extravagant clothes made from the finest silks with many expertly cut layers to show all at once. They also carried decorative fans with birds and flowers on them. They were called nobles because they were the rich part of society.

Ancient literature

Japanese took great pried in how they wrote and spoke. Within the nobles writing was very popular escpecially among women. They often wrote journals and diaries. They chose their words carefully and wrote in beautiful calligraphy. They often wrote in Chinese. One of the greatest writers of my time was lady murasaki shikibu.

A forgotten art

Ancient Japanese art consisted of long graceful strokes with little color. The popular forms of art was calligraphy  paintings and architecture. Though some art made. Y nobles consisted of bright colors. There paintings also told stories. One of the greatest stories/paintings was the tale of genji. Other paintings show nature  or court life.

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