Hitler's Views and Actions

By: Austin Yattoni

Hitler's Rise To Power

         After World War I, Germany fell into a deep depression and the Germans started lacking confidence in their government, allowing a new leader to come to power. [1] Adolf Hitler and his Nazi Party promised change and a new Germany. [2] This appealed to the majority of people in Germany and Hitler was made chancellor in 1933. [3]

Hitler's First Speech as Chancellor

In Hitler's speech he points out the terrible condition that Germany is in and blames the Jews and the rest of the world for putting them in an economical depression. [4] He promises the people that there is a bright future for the Germans, Aryans, and tried to restore their national pride. [5]

Hitler Youth

Hitler started a program called Hitler Youth to create a "race-conscious, obedient, self-sacrificing German" because Hitler believed if he controlled the youth, then he could control the future of Germany. [6] They were taught in schools how to identify other inferior races and to hate them. [7] By the end of 1933, Hitler had over 2 million youth in the Hitler Youth organization. [8] Boys were required to enter the military at age 18, and when Germany surrendered at the end of the war, some boys had to do a "de-Nazification"process because of the 12 years of Nazi Propaganda they had lived through.[9]

Racial Purity

Before he came to power, Hitler was always obsesses with the idea of racial purity and his Aryan master race. [10]The Aryan race had blonde hair, blue eyes, and was tall. [11]He believed the Aryan race must remain pure in order to one day take over the world. [12]When the Hitler and the Nazi Party came to power, this belief became the philosophy of the government and the idea quickly spread throughout the country. [13]German scientists supported the idea and said the human race could improve by eliminating inferior races. [14] Inferior races included Jews, Gypsies, Africans, and the disabled. [15] German doctors began sterilizing people in these races to prevent future generations. [16]

Hitler hated Jews especially, believing they were a "poison" to all the other races. [17] He and his party enacted many laws to control the daily lives of the Jews. They eventually started the Final Solution which was their plan to eliminate Jews from Europe.