Primary Research - New research to find out specific info: questionnaires and surveys

Secondary Research - Research that already exists: Books and Internet

Market Research - Finding out information to satisfy customers needs

Marketing Mix - The 4p's Product, Price, Promotion & Place

What customers want?  - They want good quality products, good price and nice design

What is the market like? - there is a lot of competition when on demand

Pros of Primary Research - know what customers want

Cons - some people do them wrong takes time

Pros of Secondary Research - Easy and quick also reliable

Cons - Maybe too open questions

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3 years ago

Your work shows some real positives…

Good eye for design
Good summary of topic / key terms

In terms of Literacy and Presentation, your work is as follows…

Spelling - Excellent
Punctuation - Good
Grammar - Excellent
Use of quotations - N/A
Understanding of topic - Good
Application (real life / news / examples) - Poor
Analysis (detailed explanation / how / why) - Good
Evaluation (pros and cons weighed up and concluded) - N/A
Presentation (use of images / layout / style) - Good

Your work might be even better if…

Added a real life Business example
Added video and headings to help organise and make more memorable


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