Barry Sanders



  • Ran for 2,000 yards in one season
  • One of the top 5 running backs of all time in terms of statistics
  • Broke 25 NCAA records, including most yards (2,628) and most touchdowns (39) for a running back in a single season
  • Won the Heisman Trophy
  • Inducted into the college and professional football hall of fame


Barry had 10 siblings. 8 of them were girls. One of the girls that Barry had great relationship with was Nancy Sanders. She moved in with while he was living in Detroit and died due to a disease that was almost always fatal and had no cure. His two brothers, Boyd and Byron, were very important in his life because there were so many more girls than guys. As a high school player he actually wasn't the best. Church was a major factor in his and his family's life.

Barry's Highlights

Fun facts

  • Barry for sometime was a backup in college
  • His brother was better than him in high school
  • Unlike other amazing athletes Barry had quite the sweet tooth
  • He gained 15,000 yards in his career
  • Church was a very important factor in his and his family's life
  • Him and Walter Payton both thought that the other running back was better

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