Paul Watson

Paul Watson is a man that wants to protect The oceans. Sometimes he was even ram boats too save whales.

Sea Shepard

The Sea Shepard is an organization that is trying to save sea animals. They do the craziest things to save whales, seals, even fish. One time Paul Watson sent two of his crew members to send a message to the Japanese.

The Steve Irwin

The Steve Irwin is a giant ship that has many types vehicles and weaponry. One of the vehicles is a helicopter that is supposed to scout out places. Then there is a mini boat called Delta is used for a variety of things such as. Slowing down boats, throwing gas bombs, and getting camera footage.

Paul Watson's Crew

Paul's crew would do anything to protect animals. Some would even risk lives. Actually of his crew almost died but luckily they were prepared for worst case scenarios.

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