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A map by a England settler of Roanoke.
  • Croatan \Cro-a-tan\ was Indian tribe that lived in the coastal area of North carolina. The Goverment: The state of North Carolina does recognize the Lumbee as the true descendants of Croatan. Housing: Croatan lived in log houses that were poorly made. Clothing: Croatan Indians wore a towel over there body. They lived in the coastal area in North Carolina near the Outer Banks. Fun facts about the Croatan tribe:People say that Croatan was responsible for the village in Roanoke to disappear.Other fact:The Croatan lived in Dare county, an area  that includes the Alligator River,Croatan sound,Roanoke island, and parts of the Outer Banks, including Hatteras island. Croatan indians were part of the Carolina Algonquians. Croatan probably means council town or talk town.John Lawson visited the Croatan Indians (called Hatteras Indians at the time)
how a croatan indian looked
A Croatan family.

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