Not only about selfie's

 Communicating with friends and family, seeing how your favourite sports team is doing, telling your story and commemorating that one special day are only a few things that describe how Instagram is great for society.

 #Oscars! This photo was taken during the 2014 Academy Awards (The Oscars) by talk show celebrity and 2014 Oscar host, Ellen Degeneres.  Ellen is called the #selfiequeen and this picture of her with many Oscar stars is proof of that. This photo crashed twitter and got 1,374,389 likes on Instagram!  It was really popular and a great way to remember that day. Instagram is a fantastic way to share photos with lots of people and commemorate a special occasion.

 In this picture taken by Michael Christopher Brown "a Rwandan soldier guards a Rwandan patrol, outside the wall of the central prison in Bangui." Brown is an English photojournalist who is based in Congolese Refugee camps in Bangui, Africa.  He shows the troubles of the world through pictures and tells his story through Instagram. Photojournalists like Brown show what's happening in countries on the other side of the world. Because of their work which is shared through Instagram we can connect with people who are a "world away" as we learn about their struggles and the issues they face. I think it is great that photojournalists are doing this. It is a wonderful way for us to feel like we are in another country, far away, and  not on our computers or our phones.

 On Instagram you can send photo's to just one person or to lots of people without posting it. You can send any kind of photo you want, you can have a caption with your photo and you can chat about it. It is a great way to communicate with friends and show pictures.

 "Lol" This is a meme with "Grumpy Cat" and  "Agnes" from the movie Despicable Me. Many people post memes and say things like "lol".  People also post emoticons like a "laughing so hard you cry" one  or a silly one. Memes and emoticons can be really funny and they can really brighten up someones day.

"Go Bayern Munchen!!  You go score some great goals! "On Instagram you can follow many things like sports teams, singers, bands and stores. They post things on Instagram to keep everyone up to speed on what is happening to them, such as if they are going on tour or if they are won a big league game. I follow teams like Manchester United and FC Bayern Munchen so when they play each other in the Champions League I find out from looking at Instagram. I don't usually get to watch them on T.V so it is nice that by using Instagram I can see how they are doing and if they win the Champions League or the German Championships. Teams also post information about training sessions and birthdays of the players which I find interesting.

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3 years ago

Your Tackk shows some great uses of Instagram - connecting and communicating with friends, following things you're interested in (i.e. sports teams), celebrating special occasions through photographs, and seeing amazing pictures from around the world. Try to incorporate heading to organize your Tackk into different ideas to support the argument that Instagram is positive. For the idea relating to photojournalism, how is Instagram a truly powerful tool?