Learning to Teach
Day 41: Test and Intro

Today was a test for most of the period. So I gave the student around 5 minuets to study or ask me any questions about any thing they were confused about before the test. The prompt I had on the board the students needed to answer was, Was there ever a time in your life where you did something you did not want to do and/or you knew that thing was wrong? This was leading us to the discussion about social psychology and how we behave in group setting and influences.

Also start to come away from the text book. Once everyone had finished I was going to start them on a Crash Course video which is a highly educational youtube channel about social psychology. One class however, was the only ones to finish the test in enough time to watch the video. The other class I was going to plan to use it as the activating activity leading into the topic of study. I also had questions that went along with the video, to have individual responsibility and what could be seen as a source for notes and information for later use.

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