My Dream Home
By Ramie J. EGS

In my TV room I will have a big tv because we can watch foot ball and do lot of of activate and it is going to have. in a play room their their is going to have a toob    going throw the wall then coming bake but it is going to have breathing holes and a bunch of toyes. In my room their is going to be a big bed big bath room and their is going to lights in my wall I am going to have huge closet that will fit entangled in their and there are shelves and in my bath room I have


This is my bathroom that I always wanted in my dream house.

This I my dream bed room it has a big bed and big space.

This is a play room for my kid in case they want to have a sleep over and if it in raining out side then they can play in side.

this look like what my son likes.

This is my little girls room this room lookes like her style.

This is my future because going to need a lot of space.

My future theater if I want Family and friends to come over to watch a move

This is my indoor pool in case family or friends come over or  if I have a party then we can swim.

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