Scott Krautman - Defensive End

Scott Krautman is a sales and marketing executive at a small television station in the West Palm Beach, Florida area. He has a degree in marketing from Florida Gulf Coast University in Fort Myers, and hopes to one day work for ESPN, Fox Sports, or another major cable and satellite TV sports channel.

He says that he grew up loving sports, and played football from the Pee Wee Leagues all through high school. Scott Krautman - Defensive End was the starting Defensive End for the Warriors, his high school football team, but was bitterly disappointed to realize he didn't have the size to make it to a higher level of play.

As a member of his middle school football team, coaches began to recognize his explosive speed and ability to cover a lot of ground. "At that time, I had more than enough size for the position," he recalls. He also had a lot of upper body strength, and an ability to make things happen on the field.

"Most of the plays I saw were running plays," he says. "That's the majority of what you see at that age. So I didn't get as many sacks as I would have liked. But I knew how important the position was in limited a team to three and out. My main job was to not let anybody get outside me."

The most important lesson he learned about playing the game was to never give up on a play. "Thank goodness it wasn't me, but it could have been," he says. "Another guy, one of the outside linebackers, was chasing the quarterback. And the quarterback was a slippery guy who made a couple of fakes and got away from the linebacker. Instead of chasing him down, the linebacker stopped. And the quarterback got a huge gain. The coach was...well, a little upset with the linebacker, who was benched for the rest of that game. That was an important lesson for me. Never give up."

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