A Bit About Gip

Meet Gip Erskine.  His job on the OutRun Homelessness 5K & Fun Run Team is to facilitate parking for participants, sponsors, spectators and volunteers at the event. Gip's goal is to provide directional signage, accessible routes, and a special needs area by a coordinated volunteer team that directs traffic safely, with courtesy and respect for the driver and passengers. His team will be primarily focused on event parking prior to the event, but they will also maintain a small exiting crew to ensure safe traffic flow. When asked why he chose to make a commitment to serve as a volunteer, he replied, "I’m on the OutRun Homelessness team because of my passion for running and the collective commitment of our church family to end homelessness."

If you'd like to join Gip and his team or find out about other OutRun volunteer opportunities, contact Jerry Brown.  

To register for the race happening March 21 at 8:00 am, visit CollinCountyCares.org.