República de Cuba

                                                    By Adriana Blair

There are 11,244,794 people estimated that live in Cuba. In Cuba the main language is Spanish but some other Languages they speak are English, Haitian Creole, Lucumi, and  Cataian. The capital City is Havana. The currency is the Cuban peso. Two of it's neighboring countries are Jamaica and Haiti.

The Cuban Peso

Places to See

La Habana (Havana) is a very special place. Not only is it the capital of Cuba but, it is a place trapped in time. And at night there is salsa music and parties that last all night. There also some monuments in Havana like the José Martí Memorial. Lastly, there are even castles there.

Old Havana

In Santiago de Cuba, there are many things do such as, Baconao Aquarium where you can see dolphins. At Baconao Park tourist and natives can get a taste of the different history. There are dinosaurs, cave men, and other statues to see.

Baconao Park

Another exciting place to visit is Mal Tiempo. While you're there you can check out the Mal Tiempo Steam Locomotives. Not only are there cool trains, but there was a famous battle there that you can learn about.


Popular Food and Drinks

Since Cuba is a tropical place they use a lot of fruit in their food. They also use, black beans, rice, meat, and vegetables. Some examples of their popular foods are, arroz con pollo, coconut chicken, and Fricase de Pollo. Some popular drinks are, pina colada, batido de papaya ( papaya milkshake), and batido de pina ( pineapple milkshake).

Batido de Papaya


Here are some of the phrases that they use in Cuba; asere, which means friend or mate, jama, means food, pasta, means fiancée, and filtro, means smart person.

Climate and Geography

In Cuba, the weather can be muy bonita (very pretty). Also, it is ventoso (windy) and topical there. The weather in noviembre (November) to abril (April) is amable (Nice). In mayo (May) to octubre (October) is is llueve (rainy) and there can sometimes even be hurricanes. Cuba is also, flat, is in the Caribbean Sea, and has an official land area of  42,426 miles.

City in Motion Festivial

Every abril (April) in the old street of Havana, dancing is in the air. The whole famous city celebrates its heritage through dance and music. Many people come to see the festive streets. I think this is a great idea, because they are expressing what they come from and showing people. I hope more people will be able to learn more about this beautiful country, that has so much to share with the world.

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