Out of the Cube


June 25th 2013

Happy Birthday ma!


June 24th 2013

Two in the past three days.  I think I'll start keeping up with this.  Below is a great track of the Limousines first album.  I'll bring in some of their new tracks.

Now enjoy some Very Busy People.


June 22nd 2013



June 7th 2013

Emails tomorrow my ass. F this guy.  It's been a month.


May 1st 2013

Get ready for a couple entertaining emails.  Probably put them up tomorrow.

Check out the nice mash up below.


April 26th 2013

Paul dances for Steve.  Paul dances.


April 22nd 2013

No lessons.  By now you should realize I am extremely lazy.  Any update you see on here, consider yourself lucky.  But you will not find me on facebook anymore.  I hate candy crush, anything farm related, and I don't give a fuch about your weekend in Amish country.  If you are important enough to face me in day to day life, I may, heavy emphasis on may, listen to your story.

The few I do associate with, you know who you are.  You know where you stand.  You won't have to check the status on facebook to see where I am emotionally, financially, or physically.

Long live Tackk.  Let me tell you what I want, when I want.  To all else, go hit the road.

And as always...

Until next time, enjoy this great song.