Lexi WHitehouse

Slim hit his head while working. He walked into the cabin to get his pill bottle then he walked in he did not find his pill bottle but Curley's wife. She was sitting at the table where the playing card where and she was sitting there crying with a bottle of liquor in her hand. He was trying to avoid her by pretending to look something as if he was in dire need of it when he hears his pill bottle hit the floor. He turns around to find that Curley's wife had taken the last of his pills. Curley's wife then attempts to get up to walk over to him when she trips over her dress and hits her head on the black stove. She was knocked out. Slim did not want to pick scraps with Curley so he rassels Curley's wife over his shoulder. He tries to clear out but then he hears someone opening the wooden latch to the door. He panics and throws her out of the winder and jumps out after her. He rassels her again over his shoulder and tries to bring her into the house on the ranch, to put her into bed. He runs into Lennie as he was coming around from the side of the cabin. Lennie looked curious and continuously asked Slim why he was carrying Curley's wife. Slim is able to fool Lennie by telling him that Curley's wife was sleeping and that he was bringing her to bed and to not say anything to anyone. He scurries to the house when suddenly he falls into a huge hole in the ground and gets knocked out. There was no way out. Curley's wife suddenly wakes up and sees that she is in a hole with Slim who is knocked out. She started to panic a little then she realized that she could climb her way out. with her high heel boots and her long nails, she starting to climb out of the whole. once she got out she looked at what had happened. She was scared because she didn't know how she would explain this to Curley, with Slim being knocked out in a whole and her smelling of alcohol and covered in dirt. She saw from the corner of her eye, a shovel. She had come up with an idea. She ran towards the shovel and grabbed it. She then started to shovel dirt into the hole where Slim was. She suddenly stopped and looked at what she had started and burst into tears. She felt guilty for trying to burry Slim alive so she ran into the house, into her room. She barged into her and opened a draw where there lied a gun. She easily  picked it up and sat on the bed and contemplated. She cried about how sorry she felt about herself and how unhappy she was then suddenly, BOOM! She had shot herself in the head. Silence.

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