Eugene Lee

Set Designer of Wicked

About Eugene Lee

Eugene Lee was born in Beloit, Wisconsin in 1939. He attended Beloit Memorial High School. He has BFA degrees from the Art Institute of Chicago and Carnegie Mellon University, an MFA from Yale Drama School and three honorary Ph.Ds. He currently lives with his wife, Brooke, in Providence. Where they raised their two sons. Eugene Lee’s major productions are Candide, Sweeney Todd, Alice in Wonderland and Wicked. Candide, Sweeney Todd and Wicked are all Broadway Musicals.

One of Eugene Lee’s most successful projects was Wicked the Musical. He created a set and visual style for the play. The set was made of steel and other basic materials; aluminium, fiberglass, plastic, fabric and natural vines that were used as launching pads for the flying monkeys. The show had lots of crazy effects that wouldn’t be imagined as possible. For the green witch’s flying scene, Eugene designed a telescoping arm that the audience never saw because of the smoke and many fabrics of cloth to hide it. He designed it so they didn’t need to use a harness so that the actress would have the freedom to sing.

"Nothing makes me happier than an impossible space and an impossible project." -Eugene Lee

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