The Superheros Who Saved Nashville

   The Superheroes who saved Nashville

By: Reese True


Once upon a time there was a group of superheroes. There names were Penelope,Luke,Tessa, and Jason, Penelope’s superpower are flying and freezing things , Luke’s power’s is flying and shooting out fire and, Tessa’s is flying and super speed , and finally, Jason’s is flying and making it thunderstorm.There is also a town called Nashville that is getting destroyed just this second.

The superheroes are on there way to save Nashville write now. They finally got to Nashville and the head villain Mr.Meatball comes straight up to them when he see’s them . He looked all the superheros straight in the eyes then said “You will never defeat all my villains.”All the superheros went right down to the villains and started to fight and it took a while, but they thought they got every villain but the was one left Mr.Meatball he came right out from behind them. But they were out of power they did not know what to do,then Luke had an idea “Let's just send Tessa to get 4 bottles of power, so Teesa is on her way to get some power us.Tessa got back in like 5 minutes and all the superheros drank a bottle of power and started fighting again.And they defeated Mr.Meatball in a click.They thought they were done with all the villains but there were more a lot more hiding everywhere.

The superheroes flew home and laid down and fell asleep. When they were sleeping they heard a loud beeping noise and they ran as fast as they could to the superhero spaceship.And they saw big and read in capital letters ,villains attaching Nashville.So they ran to get there superheros suits on and they each dranks a bottle of power.They flew back back to Nashville and started to fight again it took about 3 hours to fight off all hte villains.And this they got every villain there was.And they went home and had a nice night of sleep.They woke up and they at a big plate of breckfest and they were all powerd up for the day.

The super heroes never got called for help the next day and usually they get called for help every day but i guess there was nothing wrong the world .So they just stayed home and played video games and slipped,the superheros thought that was the best time of their lives and then there trainer came and they did not want to train.The trainer said “You are never going to get better you don’t practice.” They started training and there was a lot and daring there break the news came on and it was about the super hero’s and they finally got a name ,The Power Guys and they stayed with that name for ever and ever. And every time they fought villains, the villains were scared because of what they heard about The Power Guys betting all the other villains.


The super heroes fought a lot and got better and better and they became to best superheroes who lives.They fought against villains 3 times and they won and won and won and never gave up so thats how the began to get better. They fought evil villains every day and of course won every time.They lived happily ever after fighting villains.And saving the world.

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