American Culture: Jason Wood

Something we value a lot is money. Because of prices going up we have to value our money more so that we do not go poor. These celebrities have so much money it doesn't matter how much they spend, but middle class families have to spend wisely so that they do not end up poor. America's values are needing to be valued more because of low wages and everything costing more.

People go to college and get great education for better jobs. America was short on jobs for a while and Obama was trying to create more and more for these people who are unemployed. This involves conflict perspective because people were fighting for jobs and trying to get income. This perspective originated with Karl Marx and showed how everyone is on a different level when it comes to power, wealth, or popularity. If everybody was rich there wouldn't be much conflict, because then you wouldn't have to worry about doing anything.

English is the main language in the United States. There are many subcultures that speak many other languages, but mostly all school in America will teach kids in English. You can take other languages in classes.

Max Weber was a German sociologist. Ideas influenced social research. Among the three founding creators of sociology.

Emile Durkheim is known as the father of sociology. He was a French sociologist. Accepted sociology as a legitimate science. Functionalist perspective was within is type of works.

This video shows different perspectives of American culture. Also, how it differs from these people's culture they have been in.

America is always trying to advance in technology. We have computers, phones, tablets, and everything in between. Soon we will be having 3D projections and anything people decide to create.

With schools and education. There is a lot of bullying with teenagers and children. This is a part of nonmaterial culture, because this doesn't take an object to change a person and how they think. Many people look down on others.

There are many traits to America. Especially racially. America is racially diverse, because of the large scale immigration from other countries when America was being founded.

Everybody in America has to have some type of education. This is a culture pattern within America. Any race or background you have, there has to be some type of education that you receive.

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