2013: The Year I Made A Comeback!

In the past three years, I have undergone knee surgery due to a field hockey injury and have had medical problems that required a week long stay in the hospital in December 2012. I never went back to being my athletic self that I was before the surgery. I was too scared to hurt myself again. However, I was adversely hurting myself by the unhealthy food I was putting into my body. At first, I attributed the weight gain and the stretch marks to the medications that I was on. Then, I realized that the more important contributing factor was what I was putting into my body. In July 2013, I began a nutrition and exercise program to lose the 20 pounds that I had gained. I cut out bread, tea, soda, steak, butter, and all sugars. Instead, I ate pork, chicken, turkey, almonds, and natural peanut butter. And I only drank water! The first three weeks were tough and believe me I wanted to quit. Though, every week when I got weighed in, and I would see those 2-3 pounds shedding off, I was only more motivated. I began to notice a difference in how my face looked by the fourth week and others started noticing too. I not only began to look better, yet I felt better, I had more energy and was more relaxed. I was able to get off all my medicines. Also, now that I am eating healthier it seems as if my medical problems have gone away completely. In November, I reached my goal and I dropped from a pant size 8 to a size 2. I am still maintaining my weight and am preparing for my first 5K for Delaware's Run to the Plunge the day before I actually do the Polar Bear Plunge. Wish me luck!

If you wish to donate money to the DE Special Olympics I would greatly appreciate it! I'm trying to raise $300 for them and so far have $227.


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