Ancient Egypt

By:Ryan Cleary

Stable Food Supply
The Egyptians were successful because they farmed near the Nile River. They sometimes used the water wheel to get water on crops. The farmers were able to grow wheat, onions, cucumbers, grain, and barley. They also made bread out of wheat and grain. They also fished for fish and hunted for water birds. Farmers were able to fish in the Meditteranian Sea because is was rich in fish. The Nile River flooded its bank every year and that would make a good place for farming.

Social Structure

The pharaoh was the ruler of Egypt. The government officials carried out the orders of the pharaoh. They were powerful and wealthy, and they enjoyed a high quality of life. Priests were in charge of the temples and religious rituals. They also oversaw the important ceremonies surrounding death and burial. Scribes recorded information for government and religious leaders. It took many years of schooling to become a scribe. Artisans were highly skilled, but they had little social status. Peasants worked the land, providing the Egyptians with a steady food supply.

Ra was the sun god and the most important god to the Egyptians. Ra had a son Anubis. Anubis was the god of the dead and the underworld in Old Kingdom Egypt. Anubis was shown with the head of a jackal. Osiris was an ancient Egypt god of growing things. Horus was an Egyptian god, originally from upper Egypt. Horus has the head of a falcon. Egyptians believed life after death. They thought that in the afterlife, a person's body remained with his or her dead spirit. For this reason, the Egyptians used a method called embalming to preserve bodies from decay. Egyptians also believed that the gods used the heart to judge a dead person's soul. This was important to the Egyptians because they would want the gods to have all of the goods that was sent with them.

System of Government
The Egyptian government was monarchy. The pharaoh was of coarse the leader of the government and told everybody what to do. Khufu was known because he was the builder of the famous pyramid. Senusret was best known because he was a strong leader, unified Egypt and the fact that art, literature, and architecture flourished in his reign. Hatshepsut was best known when she filled her government with loyal advisers. Also, when she made a huge rise to power. Ramses II was best known because he reigned longer than any other pharaoh. Also, he was a military leader. They had a military to protect the village from being attacked.

The Arts
The musicians were usually women. Artists used dolerite, another type of hard rock, to pound out an initial shape. Painters often used their colors to finish out the stone art. Painters portrayed scenes of Egyptian daily life.

Advances in Technology
They invented a new type of writing. They also had medicines so that people could be healed faster. They also created papyrus sheets, almost like paper that they could write on. Finally, they created shipbuilding so traveling across seas could be done.

Written Language
The ancient Egyptians written language was hieroglyphs. Every scribe used sharpened reeds, papyrus paper, black ink, red ink, water containers, and tablets made of wood or stone. They made little pictures and people would have to go through years of school to find out what all 700 hieroglyphs meant.

One connection that I can make is that I can write like they did but they wrote in hieroglyphics and I write in English. Today we also have priests that teach is about our religion. Finally we both have bread that we eat.

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