Career Research Project
By: Devon Moore

Devon Moore: Piloting

Job Skills

Good with a team

Good at placing things

Problem Solving

Having a Pilot's license

If you are not good with a team then, you'll not get along with the crew you'll be placed with. That's why you need to be good with a team. You need to be good at placing things because you need to know where the bottom of the plane is, so you can land softly and safely. You need to be good at problem solving so you can fix mechanical issues. You need to have a pilot's license so you can legally fly a plane.   

Future, Salary, Issues

The job numbers are suspected to increase moderately by 1.2% The need for pilots is at an all time high and the number of new pilots is at an all time low. With this in mind, the future of the career depends on if people start flying.

The salary is $90,500 on average.

Some important issues is the recent pilot suicide in Europe and missing Malaysian Flight 370 these are important issues because the suicide is going to lead to more in depth background checks and flight 370 is going to lead to extra security between the pilots, passengers and closer watch on aircraft.

Related Fields


Aerospace engineer

Flight instructor

Avionics tech

Why This Field?

I am good with people and I can problem solve.

I love to fly

I have a pilot's license

I have always had an interest in in flying, ever since I was little my favorite thing to do was to fly with my grandfather. I now own a pilot's license and want to make my favorite hobby into a full fledged career. I also look up to a man named Sully Sullenberger, the man that safely landed an A-320 in the Hudson River.

How Does This Field Fit My Personality?

This career fits my personality because I do keep to myself a lot, but I do get along with people and do it with ease. I also do like to follow directions step-by-step. It's something that I excel at. I can though fix problems that don't have a manual on which helps with my problem solving skills. I also tend to be hardworking and passionate about my hobbies and take them seriously.

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