Cultural Comparison of Sicily

By Dylan Hess and Chyna Hoppins

Cultural etiquette: Sicilian use cultural etiquette used in public when dating and dining out or at home.They spend plenty of time with their family. They believe that they do not eat to live rather they live to eat. So food is the most creative and restorative part of their day.

Wedding and Funeral:

Wedding: The bride arrives at the church on horseback at lit that is lit by torches. Guest put money in an envelope for bride and the groom, sometimes the bride wears it and dances with guest in exchange.

Funerals: They sing as they follow the coffin to the church to the cemetery, they walk silent behind the coffin. No formal clothes or black is worn.


New Years: Like the rest of the world celebrate with grand parties and and dinners that are set up in restaurants and city squares as they wait until the new year but they walk to the beach during the party to see the sunrise of the new year and then go to a bar for fresh cornetti.

Meal times and typical diet:

Breakfast: Consists of a espresso or coffee with milk and a cookie. They might have a cornetto which is a pastry cream with coffee.

Pranzo:Main meal of a day is around one or two in the afternoon. Everyone goes home and eat with the family. There are two course, first is carb which has the main entrees and vegetables and finally coffee. The second is a type of meat or veggies. These meals are always balanced.

Dinner: Is a light meal that is eaten at eight may consist of soup  or frittata which is a type of egg along with local cheeses, olives, and bread.

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