Google Cardboard #KimptonSTEM7
Day 1

For my 20% project in STEM, I chose google cardboard. I chose this because it sounded fun.  I want to be a video game designer when I grow up, so this might help. I want to learn how virtual reality works.

Day 2

I have watched a few videos and have tested the device.....AND IT IS SOOOOOOOPER COOL!!! It was really fun to check out.

Day 3

I watched google I/O to see how google cardboard works.

Day 4

I had figured out how to assemble google cardboard.

Days 5 and 6

I have found out at the price of google cardboard being cool, it was really hard to build. Aleeya, Yomna and I spent a lot of the class period building it. I used a video, and Aleeya helped build it. Yomna taped up the weird parts.

Day 7

I need to know how to make a google cardboard app.

Day 8

I would love to know how to program a gcard app.

Day 9

I almost know how google cardboard works.

Day 10

I am going to download an app for a plugin by unity to make a google cardboard game.

Day 11

I still need to download the plug-in.

Day 12

I am going to download a few plug-ins to make a new google cardboard game.

Day 13

I tried to download the SDK for google cardboard. It couldn't download for some reason.

Day 14

From here I need to make the game. I think it will be a treasure hunt like game.

Day 15

I never managed to download the SDK. It wouldn't download on my computer.

Day 16

I never really thought it would turn out like this without a doubt. I really want to keep doing this over the summer. I want to pursue this because it was really was fun. I never knew or cared about virtual reality until this project. I don't wish I didn't choose this because I really do love this. What I did most is watch google I/O a lot because it helped.

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2 years ago

Google Cardboard is really cool! I'd love to see your project when you're done!

2 years ago

I like your tackk and I like your idea but you need to include pictures

2 years ago

I like your tack maybe i like it <P.