Jane is Good to All

By: Grace F

“To achieve global peace we must not only stop fighting each other, but stop destroying our natural world” Jane Goodall. Jane Goodall represents peace for the natural world. She has dedicated her life to the chimpanzees. She sat for hours behind a bush to better understand the chimps. She believed that we can change the way people view animals. I am nominating Jane Goodall for the Robert Burns Humanitarian award. To win this award you have to improve the lives of others. She improved the way we think about animals.

Valerie Jane Goodall was born on April 3rd 1934 in London. Her father was Mortimer Goodall and her mother was Myfanwe Goodall. She had one sister named Judith. On her first birthday her father got her a stuffed chimp, who she later named Jubilee. The stuffed animal had been made to celebrate the first captive born chimp. Besides her father, her family did not like the gift. Jane said, “Jubilee was my most loved companion”. From a young age Valerie loved the outdoors. She lived on a quiet street in the suburbs so she could play outside. In 1939 she moved to France. Not long after they were advised to get out of the country because Adolf Hitler was going to invade. The family moved back to England, and World War II began not long after. One day her family thought Valerie was “missing,” when she was hiding in the chicken coop watching a chicken lay an egg. Around this time Valerie’s father went to fight in the war, so Valerie’s mother moved the girls to Bournemouth where there are many gardens. V.J. (Valerie) did not always leave the critters were they belonged. She had a collection of animals, including caterpillars, snails, a hamster, a canary, and three guinea pigs. V.J. got the nickname Spindle. Spindle learned a lot about nature from her dog Rusty. Jane started a nature club, and she was the president. One time when Spindle was playing outside she found some worms, and took them to her bed. He nanny discovered them, but her mother did not care that she played with the worms. Her mother told her the worms would die, so Spindle put them back outside. Spindle changed her name to Jane. Jane did very well in school. She loved philosophy, biology, english, and history. Jane loved to write, she won a writing contest at school. She graduated high school in 1952. Jane attended church and read the bible. Jane wanted to be a zoologist, but only men could. Women could only be teachers, secretary, or a nurse.

After she finished school Jane Goodall left for Kenya at age 23 to study wildlife. She began studying without proper training. She became an assistant for Louis Leaky. In 1960 she set up a camp in Tanzania so she could observe the chimpanzees in their natural habitat. It took along time to gain the chimps trust. Jane Goodall had many discoveries. She found out that each chimp has a personality and emotions, just like people. She discovered that the chimps make tools to get food. She discovered that chimpanzees are omnivores. She even found that adult chimps adopt other baby chimpanzees. Jane Goodall’s studies changed the way we think about chimps. By the 1970’s she had gained world recognition. She stayed in Tanzania until 1975.

Later Jane Goodall began traveling the world giving speeches about her time in Africa. She is on the road 300 days per year. She holds public lectures. She has written many books. In 1977 she wrote the book The Chimpanzees of Gombe. In 1977 she founded the Jane Goodall Institute. Her institution is for wildlife research, education, and conservation. In 2002 she was named a United Nations Messenger of Peace, and in 2004 she was made a Dame of the British Empire.

Roots and shoots is an organization founded by Jane Goodall. It is a global environment program for young adults. Their mission is to help people make a difference in nature. Roots and Shoots especially wants to help chimpanzees. The organization is led by the youth. It began with 12 teens in 1991. Today they have 150,000 members.

Jane Goodall has many good qualities. She is very curious. She became interested in nature at a young age, and at age 11 she dreamed of living in Africa’s Wildlife. She is also very observant. She saw chimps making tools, and she found out that chimps have emotions. Lastly she is very patient. She waited months to gain the chimps trust, she watched them for along time to observe, and she studied them for 30 years.

Jane did not only watch the chimps, she named them and discovered their personalities. Jane’s favorite chimp was named David Graybeard. He got his name because of the gray hair on his chin. David was a calm chimp. Flo was an old female chimp. Flo was a good mother to her babies Fifi, Figan, and Faben. Flo was a playful and caring mother. Flo was funny looking because she had torn ears and a big nose. Jane liked Flo, and Flo was popular. Flo had a friend named Olly. There was another chimp named Guika. She was a show-off. Lastly there was Frodo the bully.

In conclusion I believe Jane Goodall would be perfect for the Robert Burns Humanitarian award. She impacted the way we think about chimps greatly. She discovered so much about the chimps, like that they each have a personality. Jane Goodall deserves this award. Jane is Good to All!

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