Top Reasons You Should Get on a Bike Every Day

Bike riding is not just good for saving the planet and cutting costs on fuel. It is one of the best and most effective exercise routines you can ever do. You don’t have to ride your bike a thousand of miles to reap the rewards of getting on your bike more frequently than driving your car. And it doesn’t matter whether you are on your expensive new two-wheeler or on an old bike you found in your garage, cycling provides an amazing workout with so much fun to keep you pedaling.

The following are more reasons to pick up that bike and start pedaling.

It is good for the heart

Cycling provides improved cardiovascular fitness and decreases the risk of heart diseases.

Tones and strengthens your muscles

Cycling is an excellent exercise if you are looking to strengthen the muscles in the lower half of your body, including your thighs, calves as well as your rear end. Cycling is also a good exercise and therapy for people with joint conditions or leg injuries.

Improves metabolism

Riding your bike every day lets you get that ideal waistline you’ve been aiming for. Plus, you can burn a ton of calories when you bike especially when you run faster than the leisurely pace. And once you get off of your bike, you can easily eat a tasty and sumptuous meal without the guilty feeling because it significantly increases your metabolism rate.

Curt Ellerbee enjoys riding his bike whenever he has time.


Having a family life is crucial. Even when a person barely has any family or the connections are skewed and sometimes even severed, family is important. Granted, blood relations will not always be there for you; life is not a mafia movie. However, it is paramount for people to find a family of their own, wherever they go. Sometimes people feel more at home when the people around them are just acquaintances, but it is a proven fact that people who are comfortable in a place can exceed expectations.

A person who is comfortable and familiar with their environment and who is supported by others in that environment can afford to be daring and take risks. They will know that they can mess up, or that when they succeed there will be people to cheer them on and celebrate with them. This is extremely important for many people, and although some people like acting tough and pretend that there is no need for such a connection for them, there really is. Creating the right connections can be beneficial in both a personal and a business sense. The personal point of view has already been explained, but the business perspective says that connections are essential across the board. Extremely close connections, friends, and even acquaintances have extremely important purposes.

Curt Ellerbee is a lawyer working in San Diego, California and has learned his way around his environment. He has been working for more than two decades, and without his connections, he might never have even had the chance to start.


Traveling is something of a mixed bag for most people. Some are enthusiastic when it comes to the idea of going new places and seeing new things, but others would rather stay in an area that is familiar to them. Some people do not understand the wonders of traveling until they have actually done it. There are many people who think that traveling is silly, then they go on a trip and suddenly realize what a powerful experience going somewhere new can be. Much like seeing your first Broadway play or movie in the theater, there is nothing quite like the experience. Many psychologists and professionals say that spending your money on things like events are much better things to spend your money on than items. Things that grant a person an experience like a trip to London will satisfy a person more than a new TV.

Traveling is one of the many things that people do that has become such a popular hobby that entire airlines have been made dedicated to the idea. Many families take week-long vacations each year and blow thousands of dollars on going to a place far away from their native home. This is true of different ethnicities, cultures, and countries and is an extremely interesting way that people spend their vacation time. Curt Ellerbee has been working as a lawyer for many years and has enjoyed traveling during each and every one of those years.

Hard Choices

The worst part of taking on a high-paying job is that it usually gives a person a lot of responsibility. Hard choices are something a person in a well-paid position will commonly be forced to make, and the most difficult part about those choices is that it usually ends up with someone being less well-off because of you. The person who needs to make these choices is usually going to be the person they are affecting. However this is not always the case. Sometimes people hire representatives like lawyers, who they trust to make the very best deal possible to get them out of a situation. Sometimes such lawyers are forced to make a decision between two bad decisions, and choosing the lesser evil is always a difficult choice. Often the choice itself can be easy to make, but explaining that choice in the future can be hard.

For this reason and many others, making hard choices is left to the most experienced people possible. Sometimes, however, a client will make a decision on their own or withhold information from their lawyer. Because of this, they can find themselves in a far worse situation than they would have originally been in. Curt Ellerbee has been a civil litigation lawyer for more than twenty years and has dealt with thousands of clients over the years. Delivering bad news, however, has always been difficult. The only thing that gets better with time is the assurance that you made the correct choice.

Benefits of Scuba Diving

Besides experiencing the breathtaking view underwater and amazing marine life, scuba diving offers health many benefits. Here are a couple of reasons why you should start taking diving lessons.

Flexibility and strength - Diving allows you to move every muscle in your body without tiring yourself because of water buoyancy. The water offers resistance, so you are giving your body a good work out when you swim against it. With this, you are making your muscles stronger and help you develop endurance and flexibility. Also, diving allows you to “awaken” inactive muscles as you navigate through the water. It can build up your shoulder and thigh muscles. Diving also helps tone your muscles in different areas of your body, resulting in good body posture.

Burn Calories – Scuba diving allows you to burn as much as 220 calories every time you dive, plus the extra swimming and lifting gears. No wonder most scuba divers have great bodies.

Good for the Lungs – In scuba diving, you are required to breathe deeply and slowly. This is a great respiratory exercise and is good for the heart because it keeps your blood pumping throughout your body without overworking your heart.

Increased Metabolism – When you dive, your metabolism is augmented 18 hours after a nice diving session. This allows you to enjoy a hearty meal after a dive without the guilty feeling.

One of the things that Curt Ellerbee enjoys the most is scuba diving. He makes sure to go to his favorite scuba diving spot in San Diego every time he is on vacation with his family.

Bowling Safety Tips to Remember

Bowling is a great sport to enjoy together with your friends and family. If you love the sport, you are not alone. Here are some tips to enjoy an exciting but safe game in the bowling alley.

Avoid bowling cold

Before picking up the ball, make sure to warm-up with some good body stretches. This will help you relax and avoid sore muscles.

Wear bowling shoes

Always bring your bowling shoes with you every time you are in the mood to throw some strikes. Never play bowling without them. Bowling shoes are specifically designed for the slipper floor of the bowling area. If you don’t own a pair, you can easily rent one from the bowling alley.
Inspect your shoes

You should never step onto the approach with your shows dirty or wet. Make sure check the bottom of your shoes for any foreign materials before taking your turn. Even a small crumb or drop of moisture can cause your shoe to slip or stick on the floor.

If you find yourself sticking to the line, you can use the ‘easy slide’ or the bag of powder on your thumb, and the bottom of your sliding shoe. However, never put too much powder as the excess may come off the floor and cause you to slip.
Do not pick up the bowling bowl with one hand. This is one of the most common mistakes that new bowlers make. This may cause injury on your wrists and back.

Curt Ellerbee makes sure that he is well and prepared for every bowling game he plays with his friends.

Exercise and the Mind

The main responsibility of a litigation attorney is to take a lawsuit in court and of course, win the case. However, litigation attorneys sometimes settle their cases outside of court. There are two types of litigation attorneys, criminal litigation, and a civil litigation lawyer. A criminal litigation attorney works on federal prosecution cases. On the other hand, civil litigation attorneys usually specialize in various areas such as personal injury charges, debt settlement, employment discrimination, alimony, and tenant-landlord contract violation cases.

A civil litigation lawyer will help you file and pursue a civil case or a non-criminal lawsuit. He can also give you valid advice on whether it is best to take your case to the legal court or handle it outside the courtroom.

Lawyers that specialize in this type of legal practice prepare for all aspects of a civil court system trial that involves knowing the scope and purpose of the case. They also prepare formal paperwork or petitions required for the lawsuit. After preparing for the lawsuit, it is their responsibility to collect information on the case, compile documents, and take testimony outside of the court and request information from the opposing party or their attorney.

A civil litigation lawyer handles communications between his client and the other party. During a trial, it is his duty to represent his client and work on the client’s behalf to negotiate a good settlement. Since litigation lawyers have a deep understanding of local laws and processes, their expertise will help you win your lawsuit. Curt Ellerbee is a reputed civil litigation lawyer for 20 years.

Curt Ellerbee - What is a Civil Litigation Attorney?

It’s no secret that exercise is the key to a healthy body, but some may not know that physical exercise is also vital to having a healthy mind. Curt Ellerbee, an accomplished lawyer in San Diego, California regularly exercises to stay healthy, as well as to keep his mind sharp.

One of the benefits for your mind that exercise provides is resilience against stress. Studies have shown that those who regularly exercise deal with the stresses of life more effectively. Ellerbee knows that being impervious to stress is one of the qualities that his clients value in him as a lawyer, yet another reason why he frequently runs, bikes and golfs.

Exercise also speeds up your working memory, the part of the brain you use to accomplish the task you are currently doing. If you exercise, your brain will work at faster speeds, helping to make you more efficient overall. Exercising regularly can also increase executive functioning (making decisions, ignoring distractions, etc.) as well as boosting your self-control and even protect you from Alzheimer’s disease. Another benefit of exercise for the mind is increased brain cell growth. If you exercise regularly, your brain cells will increase as a result.

Exercise will benefit your overall health, but it can also help your mind function more efficiently. Curt Ellerbee takes advantage of the benefits of exercise for the mind, and his prowess as a lawyer with many satisfied customers speaks for itself. Exercising helps keep the gears of the mind turning smoothly and effectively.

Hiring an Attorney

Sometimes life gives you lemons, and if you want to get out of a squeeze, you may need a good attorney’s help in order make that lemonade everyone is talking about. There are a few ways to go about securing a good attorney; to hire the lawyer that works the best for you and your case.

First, you can try asking around. If no one you know can recommend a lawyer that specializes in what you need, ask those lawyers to recommend a different lawyer who does have expertise in your area of need. Lawyers know lawyers, and this is a good way to get a solid recommendation. Curt Ellerbee owns a thriving practice in San Diego, California, and many of his clients come to him via word of mouth from his previous satisfied clients.

If you would rather not have your friends or family know that you are in need of a lawyer, there is a website that you can use to search discreetly. Called Martindale, this website rates lawyers with an A, B, or C rating. These ratings are given by other lawyers and is a reasonably reliable source if you are trying to keep your need for an attorney hush-hush.

When you find a few potential lawyers, arrange to meet with them face to face. Ask them a lot of questions in order to get a feel for who they are, what expertise they have and how they will operate as an attorney on your behalf. Be sure that you understand what their fees are and how those fees are calculated. Be prepared to pay, that is something you cannot avoid if you want a quality lawyer.

Best Places to Bike in San Diego

Biking is a great way to get your exercise without the high-impact of running, which explains why it’s becoming so popular. For San Diego California residents, there are trails, paths and roads galore for the avid biker. Curt Ellerbee, a health buff and successful attorney in the San Diego area, frequently bikes in his spare time and takes full advantage of all the great biking routes that San Diego has to offer.

If you are just starting out on your journey as a biker, you may want to find some less challenging trails to start out with. There are plenty of opportunities for beginners in San Diego, for starters, there’s Sail Bay, in Mission Bay. This trail is low-key, away from the hordes of tourists that can be found in Mission Beach Boardwalk.

You can also try Coast Highway 101, and though you’ll be riding next to vehicles going up to forty miles per hour, there are plenty of bike lanes and paths to make it a safe, smooth ride. It’s by the coast so it’s a great view as you ride along.

Ellerbee’s favorite ride is San Diego River, which begins in Ocean Beach and ends up in Mission Valley. In the spring, you’ll see a lot of wildlife, despite being a high traffic area. The ride is mostly flat, and you can do anywhere between five to twenty miles on it. Just watch out for squirrels.

San Diego is a great place to pick up biking, and there are plenty of amazing bike trails for you to explore as you get your bearings as a biker. Once you’ve mastered these, there are plenty of more challenging bike trails to choose from.

Benefits of Biking

Nothing can beat that feeling you experience when you finally ride a bike for the first time. As adults, too many of us put the joy of the bicycle behind us, trading them in for cars or the bus. In recent years, biking has made a comeback, as a form of transportation and a form of exercise.

But why biking? There are many reasons why biking is a great way to get healthy and get to where you need to go. Cycling is a simple sport, which is one of the reasons it is so attractive to so many right now. All you need is a helmet and a properly fitted bike and you are good to go! No uniforms, no schedule constraints, just you and a bike.

Another reason why cycling may be a good choice for you is because it can provide the necessary aerobic exercise you need for good cardiovascular health without sacrificing your joints. Runners who experience joint pain due to the high impact nature of running will often switch to biking as a way to protect their joints while still getting the exercise they need to stay healthy.

Successful attorney Curt Ellerbee, a San Diego native, finds biking fits his busy lifestyle like a glove. He’s able to get the exercise he needs in his spare time, and occasionally will bring a change of clothes and bike home from work. Biking is a great substitute for driving since it greatly reduces your carbon footprint.

Whether you’re biking for your health or for the environment, the joy of biking that we experienced as children has never truly left us. Get on a bike, and experience the thrill of cycling again.