My family has several large trees in our front yard and the roots that peek up through the ground have great texture.  I love how the light is reflecting off of the leaves.

Blossoms in bunches

When I went on a walk in the park I came across this beautiful tree, but when I tried to take a picture of the entire tree the background was distracting. So I decided to get a closer look.

Delicate dandelion

In a field of dirt and leaves, there was one patch of grass and in the middle of the patch a single dandelion was growing.
It just so happened to be beneath a lamp post where the light hit the flower just right.

On watch

This black bird was perched on the tip of this leaf-less tree.
A few minutes after this picture was taken his friends flew up to join him.


I'm not a big fan of birds.  But I just couldn't pass up the opportunity to shoot this goose (homophones are punny).  It was resting by a pond until it heard me coming and it gave me the evil eye...

Concrete creature

I liked photographing this fake bird way more than the real one.  This is a bird bath in my back yard, and I loved the texture of its feathers.

Resting Place

This is one of my first photos to ever take, but it is also one of my favorites. It just seems like a calm spot to sit and relax.
I also like how the main leading line is the crack in the bench instead of one of the planks

Silly Child

This is my little brother, Carson. He seems all cute and sweet in this shot, but in all actuality he is a brat.  I like the perspective of this photo, because children naturally look up at the sky when they swing, and it eliminated the distracting background.


Carson again!  This is one of the few picture I had him look directly into the camera.  I think the colors turned out great.  He pointed at the lens without me asking him to, so it adds a bit of his personality.

After class

This is one of my personal favorite pictures.  I help my mom teach preschool dance classes, and that is where I found my subjects (my very very adorable subjects).  They thought that the camera was cool and made it a game, so this was a fun photoshoot.

Tiny dancer

This little cutie is my cousin, Kamri.  I like the perspective in this photo. I chose to put it in black and white because it forces you to focus on the subject instead of the colors around her.

Tip toes

This is actually called a releve in dance terms, but it can also be called tip toes.  My favorite part about this picture is the blur of the feet, because movement is a big part of dance and it is often hard to capture the movement without making the shot looked posed.

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