Death Cloud

                                                                By: Andrew Lane


This is a story about a young Sherlock Holmes and the adventures including to dead bodies that he experiences during his summer holiday. He meets new friends, explores new places, and actually saves England from an attack. Sherlock finds his adventures part of his daily life.


Setting takes place in  various villages and cities in England. Sherlock attends the Deepdene School for Boys. He spends the summer holiday with his uncle and aunt in Farmham. The time frame for this story is he late 1800s.

Plot Line


Sherlock Holmes, Protagonist

Uncle Sherrinford and Aunt Anna, Uncle spends all of his time in his library preparing sermons, Aunt spends all of her time talking to herself

Mycroft Holmes, Sherlock's older  brother who works as a clerk in the Foreign Office, responsible for sending Sherlock to spend the summer holiday with their aunt and uncle

Mrs. Eglantine, house keeper who is mean and always watching Sherlock, not a person to be trusted

Matty Arnatt, boy Sherlock meets in the woods, he is a runaway orphan, lives on the streets and in the canals, goes on adventures with Sherlock, becomes Sherlock's best friend and helps him solve the crime

Amyus Crowe, tutor hired by Mycroft the further Sherlock's studies, he is from Albuquerque, New Mexico, has a daughter named Virginia, he challenges Sherlock to make decisions from facts versus how information is presented

Baron Maupertuis, Antagonist, Frenchman who tries to destroy England


Man vs. Man, Sherlock Holmes vs. Baron Maupertuis

Baron Maupertuis - in the book, he is paralyzed, he was staged for this picture

Rising Action

While Matty was walking around Farnham he sees a black cloud of smoke coming out of a upstairs window, later sees the dead man covered in boils and with a twisted face.

Sherlock later finds a man in the woods with the same black cloud and boils.

Sherlock and Matty set out on an adventure to find out what killed these men, people think it's the plague.

Sherlock searches the woods and notices a yellow powder, he returns to where the first guy died. A man in grey comes out with a sack and it has yellow powder on it. Sherlock follows him to a gated warehouse. He climbs the wall and gets in and sees men with wooden boxes. they lock him in and set it on fire. Sherlock escapes death. Sherlock tell Amyus about what he has observed but he tells Sherlock to let the doctors and officials sort it out. Sherlock decides to take the yellow powder to Guildford, England, to Professor Winchcombe, and expert in tropical diseases. Sherlock and Matty are attacked on their was. Someone wants Sherlock dead.

Please only watch the first 1:45 seconds of the above video.


Professor Winchcombe tells Sherlock that the mysterious yellow powder is bee pollen.

Falling Action

Once Sherlock finds out that the yellow powder is bee pollen. He uses all of his facts to work out what is gong on. Sherlock realizes that the cloud of smoke is really a cloud of bees.

Sherlock gets a note to meet his friends Virginia at a local fair. He can't find her himself in a boxing match and gets knocked out and wakes up in the Baron's home. The Baron questions why Sherlock is nosing  around. This is when Sherlock confronts the Barons about causing the deaths of the two men from bee strings. Sherlock escapes death again.

Sherlock, Matty, Virginia and Amyus go to London to collect more facts. Again Sherlock and Virginia are captured by the Baron. They also escape death but not before getting more facts on the Baron and his evil plan. The Baron produces Army uniforms and soaked them in a scent that would make bees attack them. The bees would destroy the British Army killing one soldier at a time until all were dead.

Baron was angry at the British Army for injuring him during the Battle of the Light Brigade leaving him paralyzed below the neck. He vowed revenge.

Sherlock and his friends are able to locate the bee and pollen and set fire to them. Killing them and destroying the Baron's plan.

Battle of the Light Brigade - where the Baron was left paralyzed by the British


The bees all died. Sherlock and Matty reunited with Amyus and Virginia. They celebrate by getting a good night's sleep and a large breakfast at the tavern. As Sherlock is eating a black carriage drives by and he sees Baron Maupertuis inside.

Character Analysis

Physical Traits-  Nerdy, school boy, doesn't have any friends, very smart.

Things Sherlock Says- Ask to many question to everyone about everything.

Things Sherlock Thinks- Very analytical, views everything as facts, overthinks things.

Things Sherlock Feels- He values his journals, poetry books, and is very close to his family.

Things Sherlock Does/Acts- Very observant, doesn't show emotion, usually works alone

Family Background- Vary traditional, has a mother, father, older sister, older brother, sent to a school for boys to improve his education. Values realationships.

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