In every language, I say THANK YOU!

I just wanted to send a HUMONGOUS Thank you to this staff! You guys are aMAZing!!!! Last week (Thursday) so many of you helped me! Here's just a few ways:

- Some of you completed it on THE FIRST DAY! (Thanks Ms. V. Menchaca, Mr. Marter and Mrs. King!)

- Several of you stopped by my Tech Fusion session to complete your STaR Charts or to just get a helping hand.

- Some of you even stopped by after school for the mini session to get it done! (Thank you Ms. Austin and Mrs. Dunevant!)

- And a special shot out to Ms. Garrett for coming by on your lunch break...Time is precious...I appreciate it!

- And KINDER Team!!! You guys have 100% of your teachers DONE!!!!

Let's make it 100%!

I still have a few people that need to complete their STaR Charts. I will send out emails directly to these people. If your dont' see a submitted date next to your name, you can go ahead and complete. This must be submitted to me by Thursday, January 15th no later than noon. I'm here to assist, please don't hesitate to ask!