Customer Service Express Lane

Grocery shopping today is quite different than it was just a few decades ago and consumers have nearly unlimited options when it comes to their shopping lists and favorite local stores. Various brands create loyalty, organic products provide healthier food preparation, and specialty features like cafes and coffee retailers offer a unique customer experience in modern grocery stores. With each new trend and product that is offered within a grocery chain or local market comes the opportunity to learn from customers about what works and what needs improvement.

In many cases the opportunity for a grocery store to save an unhappy customer is as perishable as the produce and frozen foods located within the market. Because there are so many different types of marketplaces, customers are likely to turn away from a store after just one negative experience.

Managing customer relationships includes calming irate customers, offering to make amends, and implementing applicable feedback. A live agent contact center is one of the best ways to ensure that:

  • Customers can report problems or concerns
  • Consumers have an instant voice as soon as a problem arises
  • Representatives can respond to reports or questions
  • Customers have 24 hour access to a representative

Grocery customer feedback provides a wealth of knowledge and potential profits for owners and marketing teams. Staying relevant requires knowing the pulse of the customer base and listening to their ideas and suggestions. Customer loyalty is based on overall satisfaction and a feeling of partnership between merchants and shoppers.

A recent report published by Bain and Co. suggests that a mere 5% increase in customer retention could lead to a 75% increase in profitability. This figure alone is more than enough reason to create a grocery customer feedback program. The consistency with which businesses listen and respond to their customers is a telltale sign of their growth and overall success.

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